Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Happenin' Hot Stuff?

The horseradish has sprouted!!! I'm so excited about growing horseradish. I've heard that it takes two years before you can harvest the roots, but conflicting information on if I can leave it all in the ground in my zone or if I have to dig up the roots and store them during the winter. I've also read up on how invasive it is which is why I have it in its own 3x3 box. It can spread as far and wide as it would like.
The lettuce is looking very good....but do you see in the center where one lettuce bunch was torn out by that rotten feral cat? Look closer. See the gift he left me?
I swear I'll kill that cat when I get my hands on him.
I've been lax with garden blogging, and for that I apologize, but what's kept me busy is well worthwhile. Keychains for a Cause, my side venture to raise money for our school's Relay for Life team, has gotten its first outside of school contract with the Nancy Jo Tennis Tournament. Proceeds from the sales of our new tennis themed keychains (and any other with the tournament name in the instructions to seller) go to their efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

In the three days I've partnered with them, we've sold 19 keychains. Not bad!
The morning comes early. Sweet hot and spicy dreams! *wink, wink*
What? I was referring to the horseradish. Really.


  1. Oh, that kitty was just leaving you some fertilizer :)

    You can trap the ferals. You should check with your local goverment. I trapped one last year that attacked my almost blind cat Alvin twice!! After costing me $500 in vet bills I had to pay the city $35 to fix and relocate it!

  2. Oh, yuk. I just had to look at that picture while I was eating! For some reason, my French toast and bacon aren't quite as appealing now. ;-)

  3. BB's pretty funny watching them turn a flip when ya shoot 'em, too! Haha

  4. cats, blech! My horseradish was completely eaten by bugs last summer but it rebounded, it's hardy stuff!

  5. I've never had cat issues before. I've always had a dog in the yard. So they avoided my garden. But my dog died two years ago. And this yard is overrun with cats. One belongs to my friends on the other side of the town house, but there are actually three other cats that regularly come into the yard. I'm contemplating whether I need to cover all the beds to keep them out or not. I guess time will tell.