Friday, March 11, 2011


Never mind the subject line here. I'm so glad I sat down just now and looked through my pictures to see if there was something I could post about because it reminded me that there is a freeze warning out fo the area tonight. I need to go out there and pull in my seedlings that have been basking in the cool, yet welcomed sun.

We've had four days of good, hard rain in the last week which makes me a bit nervous for the potatoes getting squishy, but yesterday I noticed at least a few of the girl's purple potatoes were looking grand.
Then, I'd like to introduce you to the SLOWEST growing anything in this world. I honestly think I've seen the powers that be mandate the world's atomic clock get shifted faster than this celery grows.
Granted not all cells ever sprouted, but the package said about 70% germination, so I suppose I'll be okay.
Today we had both the boy and the girl's birthday party at Moneky Joe's - a bounce house place in the area. You may remember that last year I threatened to drown myself in the soda fountain at our neighbor's Chuck-E-Cheese party and I swore I'd never do a party like this, but it was very stress free. I think a lot of the problem I had with CEC was the amount of sensory overload with the flashing lights, music and games. Half of the students in my high school work (okay about 15 kids) at the Monkey Joe's. Literally, four students in my third period alone. I always swore to them it would be a cold day in Hell if I ever had a party there, but the kids had a blast. They each invited four of their friends and since I knew all of the employees and they knew me, the dude in the monkey suit stayed in there the entire time with the kids and gave them the extra attention that even the boy and girl noticed not having seen at other parties we've been to there. They, with the innocence of children, thought the world was on their plates, squished next to the pizza and Scooby Doo cupcakes (which I can't believe they agreed upon).

So, I'm sure you've noticed the pictures, or lack there of, of the party. That's what a good mother I am. I left the camera at home. The man took some film, so we'll see how that turns out and if I can post it or not. Of course, as all birthdays go, the girl came home and wanted to sleep with one of her presents so the boy was honor bound to champion the same cause. Do you know what he wanted to sleep with? The fifth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that his cousin gave him. Shut your mouth! A book beat out a Lego set!?!? Yup.

Reading comprehension is the key to life, whether it's math problems, an automotive repair manual, a recipe, legal brief or medical journal. Does it hurt my feelings he finds a book "the top present of the night?" Not one bit.

The morning comes early, and I know it will because they're under the impression that the earlier they wake up the sooner they get to play with their presents and they just HAD to have a sleep over with each other tonight so one is bound to wake up the other at 0-dark-thirty. Sweet gardening dreams. Dang! I just remembered again to go down there and take those plants in.


  1. Celery is very slow, painfully slow, as is celeriac. I decided not to bother again, because life is just too short!

  2. Celery is very very slow to germinate. It will do mcuh better once it is big enough to put in the ground.

    My grandson had his BD at CEC. I agree it is definitely sensory overload!! I'm happy to hear that the little ones had a great time at their party and you didn't drown yourself in the soda fountain!!

  3. hehe, my kids always get sick after attending a party at CEC, our pediatrician has 4 boys herself and calls it the "Habitrail for Kids" LOL! I just call it a headache!