Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Randomly Random

Titles eluded me for this post of random thoughts. Whereas I'd love that the world revolved around my garden, life sometimes gets in the way. For example:

The boy came home last week sad that his team lost a recess play-yard soccer game. Apparently he was the goalie and they lost 2-0 and he felt responsible. I asked who the goalie for the other team was.

They didn't have one.

Poor kid.

That, and the girl is on a three week long campaign for a "wiener." She has gotten to the point of asking Santa to bring her one. She likes the way they pee. Her main point of persuasion is that they are funny looking and make her giggle. My mother and I are of the same opinion and have thus assured her that this is the natural female reaction, however it didn't stop her from asking her prim and proper southern belle daycare ladies to aide her in the endeavor to procure one.

At least that's marginally better than when the boy went there and he wiped his snotty nose on one of their skirts.

Tell me why they keep letting me send my kids there?
On a more hopeful note, I had a student recommend me read The Things They Carried. When a student recommends a book for you to read you drop everything and read it, especially when it's a student like this one that you wouldn't think would pick up a book for love or money. I haven't put it down. We discussed it during class and in the hallway between classes when he came out of his way and risked a tardy to talk about a point and he gave me a goal to read to for tonight so I didn't get ahead of him. Kid's got a better opinion of my self control than I do.

As for that garden, seeds are still on the porch soaking up the sun and I'm still waiting to see which ones of them sprout. Potatoes still haven't broken the surface yet, either, but I remember that being a long process. The waiting is the hardest part.

The morning comes early, and I'll likely be spending it wide awake in bed talking myself out of reading farther. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Update, update!!

    I just found out the boy has been accepted into our county's Focus (gifted) program. I'm very happy for him. Congratulations, Boy!

  2. Oh, my....I think I just wet myself! The Girl is a real comedienne :-D

    Congratulations to The Boy! My youngest daughter (Alicyn's mother) was in the gifted program at age 5, but she would get an upset stomach and vomit every day before school. Seems she felt she had to keep up with the sixth graders, and it was too stressful for her. She just couldn't take not being the smartest kid in class.

  3. Ribbit, this post just made my day, on so many fronts. Congrats to the boy! Now he knows there are many forms of success other than playground athleticism (where I failed, too). And your daughter!! I laughed loud enough someone came to check on me. That. is. hilarious. But the best part of your entry, IMO, was your story about The Things They Carried. That book is outstanding, and I am thrilled that it's engaged an otherwise unengaged reader. Keep up the good work!

  4. LOL, kids! Loch is in the gifted program this year as well, our kids sure seem similar, too bad so many miles are between us! And Loch isn't the best physical sports player, either LOL, but we finally found something he's good at, swimming! I keep telling him those soccer and football kids will be fat in front of the tv as adults while kids like him will own the world LOL!

  5. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it. I should admit than when I first read about the weiner request I was thinking it was a weiner dog. It wasn't until I got to the daycare part that the light bulb went on. You must be very proud of the boy.!