Thursday, March 24, 2011

Phew! Crisis Averted

Apparently late last night there was a crazy storm. I should have known about it. I'm a very light sleeper when it comes to rain and wind. The slightest noise outside will wake me up. I should have noticed the wind whipping, I should have noticed the torrents of rain, I should have noticed that Big, our Great Dane, came upstairs and paced all night long as he is want to do in rainy weather, but I didn't.

I was too busy having nightmares about the graduation ceremony. I'm in charge of planning and executing our school's senior activities and the graduation ceremony and the nightmares have already started. I dreamed I forgot to order flowers and we gave the girls weeds, that I forgot to go on the floor of the arena and when I remembered, the ceremony was over and the curtain opened to a grocery store's check out line with all of the parents cheering but no graduates and many, many other horrible things. It's only March!!!!

When I got to school my classroom's neighbor told me her power was out which I scoffed at. Another told me they had trouble getting to school because of a tree down. and I brushed it off. I went out to meet the bus in the afternoon and the wind was whipping. My thoughts immediately turned to the cell packs I had on the deck railing and how I would sort out the multitude of tomato seedling types if they were all scattered on the ground. Oh the humanity!!

I knew for sure they were toast I couldn't wait to get home and when I did, it was grateful I was that everything was still in place and nothing had tumbled to the ground. See. The storm wasn't so bad after all. ;)

Side note, our school's soccer team is sponsoring a military support night so I made some keychains for them to do with as they please. I hope they enjoy them!

The morning comes early, and the dreams have only just started. Sweet dreams!


  1. *shudder* Better you than me planning the graduation ceremony. I can certainly understand the bad dreams!
    I'm glad your babies survived the storm, though. That would have been a total PITA...

  2. You are very lucky! We got down to 38 last night so I was out fashioning protective covers for the artichokes I had already planted (ooops!), but they should be okay now, they like it cool :)

  3. I really hope you get some sweet dreams. I hate those awful dreams about bad things looming.

  4. I saw your comment over on Annies' website.. I just had to come over and say that I am *SO* happy to find someone else in the world that also knows the 'hole in the bucket' song with Liza & Henry!!! haha


  5. I do have a fondness for the song. When the boy was a baby and would cry and cry in his crib at night I'd make myself sing through the song before I went to get him. Usually by the time I had finished, he had put himself to sleep.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Rain I don't mind, snow isn't too bad, but wind is a crippler for plants.

    Glad you made it through!!!