Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soccer Adoption and Happy Birthday, Boy!

At school, some of the lesser sports that don't have the fan base they deserve count on the teachers to support the team. This year, my team teacher and I participated in the Adopt-a-Player program for the soccer team. All it entails is for us to give snacks and small gifts to the player on game days and come to a few of the games to cheer him on.

Friday was sponsor night where we went on the field with our player and shockingly enough, our student presented my team teacher with a hat and me with a lovely bunch of flowers. We were very touched that he would think to have done this as it wasn't the norm for the rest of the team. He's a very quiet, reserved kid who holds himself with a dignity beyond his years. One of those kids whose integrity you wish would rub off on your kids. The flowers are just lovely, aren't they.
Although the boy's birthday party was last week, today is his actual birthday. Happy 7th birthday, Boy! He's such a good kid. He was perfectly content and just down right giddy over presents of clothes, books and Lego gift cards. He's been at his desk all day working on his do it yourself Wimpy Kid book. We had the agreement that once he finished the series we'd get him that book. Sure enough, he's on the last one so he got it and the movie book today. Note the Wimpy Kid shirt he got at his party from his cousin. He's an addict for sure.
The girl, on the other hand, got tired of waiting for the boy to finish and play and crashed herself. You just can't compete with the Wimpy Kid, I'm afraid.
That's all there is about what it is. I broke down and transplanted the squash, zucchini and zephyr squash into the garden yesterday. Forecast is looking good, so I figured I'd gamble. I've just got to beat those SVB or else!
The morning comes early. Sweet birthday-gardening dreams.


  1. Yes, our boys are kindred spirits! Loch too, is happy with life's small pleasures and a breeze to parent compared to "thing 2" LOL!

    Happy Birthday to him!

  2. It's the little things that make being a parent great, am I right? I just love watching Jonathan go about his day.

    How jealous am I that you're already picking things from the garden for dinner. It's like we're worlds apart.

  3. Erin, the boy got the third Harry Potter book from my parents tonight and had a complete duck. I hope he'll always be so thrilled with the written word.

    Thomas, I bet Jonathan has grown so much over the winter! Think, however, the stuff I'm picking now is stuff I put in the ground way back in October. It just didn't die during the winter like y'all's stuff would.

    Can you make a contraction plural? I suppose you can now.

  4. I REALLY hope you beat those little b@#$ards out in the garden this year, they are the worst!

    Happy Birthday to the boy, mine is about to turn 7 in a couple of months and I find it a bit frightening. They grow waaaaaay too fast.