Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hot Mommas!

Happy Mother's day to all! I figured on this mother's day to share with you one of my most favorite things about my house. It's very important to me to be surrounded by family - family pictures not withstanding - so I took a tour of the house and took some pictures to show you a few of the special mothers in our lives.

This picture is of the man's grandmother holding his mother as a baby.

This is the man's father's mother, Florene.

This is my father's mother. I just love the dress and hat!

This picture is a topic of much debate. It's assuredly my great grandmother on my mother's side, but there's disagreement as to if the baby she's breast feeding is my grandmother, or one of her brothers.

This lovely lady is my maternal grandmother, Anneliese. She's an amazing woman.

Her husband (far left) and his mother are pictured below

That boy on the far left grew up to marry the beautiful woman above and have this darling baby - my mother as seen here with her father.

My mom - who, by the way, still has that same look about her when she thinks there's no way possible that you don't know that you've just done something idiotic.

When you've out of the house, it's hard to find pictures of yourself as a child, but I dug this one up out of a scrap book. Here we all are at Disney, I believe. Mom's just a few years older here than I am now and it always amazes me that she always seemed to have all of the answers and seemed so self assured and together and here I am making things up as I go along. I now realize she had me hoodwinked. I hope the boy and girl are just as easily led.

There's no doubt she and all of the women on my walls did an awesome job.

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the tools I need to wade through the adventure myself.


  1. Thanks for sharing all those great photos! Happy Mother's Day, Ribbit!

  2. Nice photos. Have a Happy Mothers Day!

  3. What a lovely tribute! You are pretty amazing yourself.