Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ketchup Recap

Last night we decided to make ketchup which worked pretty well until it got to 11:00 and we had to reduce the recipe by half, which meant I'd be up pretty much half the night. I started out bemoaning the timing, but quickly realized it was for the best as it was the only time I was guaranteed to be undisturbed. Here's how the night went, starting with the onset of the reduction at 11:00. That's a full pot!
12:00 AM and you think you see some reduction, but it's really just messing with your head.
1:00 AM and progress can certainly be seen.
2:00 and it's half way reduced. It could honestly use another 30-40 minutes, but I was ready to call it quits.
I canned everything and walah! I had 10 and a half pints. The recipe called for 9, so I wasn't too far off, but it did prove to me that I could have reduced it further.
I tried it this morning and it wasn't so bad. VERY sweet, but not so bad. I bet it's going to make a mean meatloaf. I don't think it's anything I could put on a burger or fries or anything since it's not spreadable and still a bit chunky since I only had a blender and not a food mill, but for a first attempt it isn't so bad. Again, sweet, but not so bad. I used some apple cider vinegar since this is what I use in my salsa and love it, but I think it may have made it too sweet.
Will I do it again....most likely not. We'll see.
The morning comes early, and I'm going to bed now. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Nice work! 10 jars is something to be proud of! I like to put ketchup in my sausage and peppers. Maybe this will go nicely with that.

  2. Congrats on your first batch of ketchup! We love home-made ketchup around here. I make it every year. I get most of my recipes from the "Ball Blue Book". I think it takes most of a day for mine to cook down. The next time....just turn it off and start simmering again in the morning.

  3. Robin, I was worried about stopping and starting again because of bacteria build up. I was going to put it in the fridge over night, but even then it's iffy and it was too hot to just throw in there.

    Meemsnyc and anyone else for that matter, I'm all ears on what do do with this stuff, keeping in mind it's pretty sweet as it is.

  4. What about using it as a base for BBQ sauce...add in some onions, peppers, vinegar etc.. Not sure if it would work, just a thought. Might be nice on pulled pork or beef brisket.

  5. OOOOh...brisket!!! That's fantastic. Mix in a bit of beer with it and it will be perfect with brisket. Woohoo!

  6. I'd have dumped the entire thing into my crockpot/crockpots, turned them on low, and gone to bed. That would have reduced it somewhat, and kept it at a safe temperature until morning. Then, if it needed further reduction, it could be finished off on the stove.

    I like sweet ketchup. send it to me.

  7. How smart, Granny! That's a good idea for next time. I'd send it most certainly, but it's not very firm. I'm thinking I'll heat and reduce each jar as I open it. I also think they need another turn through the blender. I'm thinking a food mill is certainly the way to go.

  8. Making ketchup is on my to do list... IF I ever get a red tomato.
    The weather has been wacky here, wet, HOT.. more wet, and now it gets into the mid 60's at night.
    I think Mother Nature is just messing with me.

  9. You did great! That's more than I would have imagined, looks like a fun mess to clean up too LOL! I did the crockpot thing last year for some tomato sauce, worked great, although when I was awake I left the cover off, but I didn't have to worry about it overnight at least!

  10. Ribbit, would you share your ketchup recipe?

    I made ketchup last year using those packet mixes. (The grocery store had them next to the pickling packets.) Came out pretty good.

    I've used my ketchup in a recipe called Spoon Burgers. My family loves this. It uses ground beef, ketchup, and cheese. This yumminess is surrounded my dough.

    I'll put a link for it in the Recipes section of my blog if you want to check it out.

  11. I never considered making ketchup before. Of course, the tomatoes at my house disappear so quickly. We do have a YOU PICK farm about 30 minutes away where you can get peas and tomatoes. I have considered making a trip over there to get extra tomatoes.

    WAY TO GO on your adventure and I like the crockpot idea from granny.

  12. If you don't have a food mill, you could probably blend it in & then pour thru a mesh sieve. Same basic idea.

  13. Toni, here's the recipe:
    Thanks for the link to the burgers! Yummy.

    Thanks, everyone, for the kudos. I'm putting it on meatloaf tonight, so we'll see how it goes. Katy, I bet you're right. I just thought the tomatoes itself would clog the collander (sp?).

  14. I made (but didn't can) some ketchup once. I loved it but didn't write down the recipe, so now I can't reproduce it again. Ah well. Someday I might try again.

  15. I have a fear of canning. I want to do it, but I fear it.

    I love the idea of making my own ketchup, but I worry that the boys wouldn't like it so I'd be stuck with ketchup no one would eat besides me. LOL. I do love that you were a light-night ketchup maker though! LOLOL.