Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Game Day!

Throughout the college football season, we here at the Ribbit household bleed red and black. We whoop, we holler, we woof at our Florida fan neighbors from our deck as they gator chomp in our general direction. My two year old girl knows the Georgia fight song and my five year old boy told us during the last game, "It's fourth down, and if they don't start doing something with that ball, they're going to loose it."

Yup. We love football.

However, when your year has stunk like ours has:
We lost our best players to the draft
We played a single stinky quarterback the whole season who was a senior anyway, so we should have played two to get someone else some experience
Our leading receiver got a shoulder injury
Our defensive coordinator was fired at the end
And our mascot died.

Seriously people. The mascot!? The season almost killed me as well, but that's adding insult to injury.

Anyway, at this time of year, we begin to leech on any other team in the SEC in hopes of one more win.

Except if it's Florida. You can't root for Florida....unless they're the only SEC team left, playing for the BCS championship, but even then, it requires some voodoo to defloridarize the house after the game.

Tonight is the Alabama - Florida game and you know we're ready. Roll Tide, my friends. In preparation for the game, I pulled most everything from the garden, being we're expecting lows in the 20's anyways. Here's the full basket I picked!

The broccoli and kohlrabi are going for the appetizers and the lettuce for a salad. The chard, onions and carrots all went into a potato soup along with some more potatoes, garlic and chicken. It smells divine. I hope it tastes okay as well.
If not, and if Alabama looses, that jug of scotch behind the soup seems to be right handy.

Hope your playoff season is merry and bright!


  1. As a Minnesota family and Vikings fan, I can say for the first time in many, many years.... "I don't need the scotch this year!", lol.... but drink it anyways in's such a VERSATILE beverage LOL

  2. HA, Erin!!! I just love seeing his eatery in Green Bay full of purple when they pan to it during the games. You know, I think now that he's transferred to Minnesota, he's played every team in the NFL, right?

  3. What a beautiful harvest, the potato soup looks great too. I have never tried potato soup before. And yes, scotch makes everything better ;-)

  4. Words simply can't explain how I'm feeling right now. Alabama is so gay! Ugh!

  5. Sorry, EG. I had a hard time rooting for GATech over Clemson also.

  6. Sorry, EG. I know you'll tire of hearing all about it over there, but I just loved watching Tebow cry. It's worth it for me.