Thursday, June 2, 2011


I must say, this year I've seen more squash bugs and vine borrer moths than I've ever seen before. I just can't seem to keep up with them, they're that abundant. We'll do what we can while we can, but I honestly think that even though I feel overrun now, by the time they make an impact, I'll be ready to see the plants go by the wayside anyway.

The bees, however, are a more than welcome sight in the garden. They've been around for the last week or so which has let me stop hand pollinating. This one is so laden with pollin himself that he had trouble flying out of the flower
The beans are coming in everywhere! I wish they froze better than they do, but we'll have some good eating for a while with them and the rest can go for a veggie stand for the boy.

In my pictures yesterday I neglected to show the side yard. Here are the cherokee purple and brandywine plants, both of which have some small toms, but they're the cracked huge kids. The brandywine look much better than they ever did last year so I'm hopeful!
Here's the zucchini take today. I also got a couple eggplant and the first cucumber! Woohoo!!
These can't fit in the veggie bin of the fridge, so I'll be cutting and freezing them. Do they NEED to be blanched first or can I just cut them up and shove them in the freezer?


  1. I've never done squash before so I can't help with that, but how long are you blanching the beans? When mine are done I dry them, freeze on cookie sheets and then transfer to bags. When we later steam them for meals they are still quite "squeaky" and fresh. You aren't the first person I've heard had a hard time with the beans. Are you boiling them when you prepare them for a dinner? I always steam, maybe that's it? LOVE the bee photo :)

    I'll be waiting for someone to chime in on the squash, I'm finally growing it so no doubt I will be freezing some too!

  2. Erin, I've never tried the beans, myself, but I've heard they get mushy. Your boy's books mailed out yesterday!

  3. He's excited! I'm excited to try the Kindle tonight!

  4. You may want to try pickling the green beans. The recipe and some pics are posted on my blog. My kids love them- even the 3 year old!

  5. Blimey; finally something I can make a sensible comment about!

    Squash: Slice thickly and blanch for 2 minutes.

    Beans: Blanch for 2 minutes (runner and french) or 1 minute (broad without pods).

    Always let them cool and drain well before bagging up!

  6. What are the tiny black crawling bugs in the squash flower? I have a good number of them in mine.

  7. I don't blanch my zucchini, but I use it only shredded in soups (for a little more body) or in zucchini bread (don't get rid of the water that separates or you will have dry bread). So mine might be getting really mushy, but who could tell?

  8. I pickle the green beans. You may want to try it! The kids love them. There's a recipe on my blog.

  9. I don't blanch my zucchini if I shred it for zucchini bread. I don't blanch my squash if we are going to use it for squash casserole within a month. If it is going to be in the freezer for more than a month then I blanch it. Not scientific, but it works for us.