Monday, June 13, 2011

Bat Man!

We have bats in our belfry. We have for a while, but never cared to do much about them. There were only a few and we thought they would keep down the mosquitos in the area, so we let them be. However, now the droppings are making a mess of the driveway and garage door. The air conditioning filter needed replacing, so the man decided to deal with the bats while he was in the attic. I saw him come slowly up the stairs with a skullcap, handkerchief on his face, motorcycle jacket, gloves, jeans, boots, staple gun, screening and a ten foot pole (well the handle off of the broom). This, was war.
He got up there and said, "Oh. My. God." The two or three little bats had grown into 7-9+! He went downstairs to shoot them with a water hose to get them to come out so he could screen in the vent and several came out, but there were still more left. Once he got up there, he realized the reason the picture was blurry is because there's already a screen there so the bats are between the screen and the vent and don't have access to the rest of the attic. Looks like we'll be leaving them be. I wonder if, like EG said, we built a bat house if they'd migrate.

Sunday the girl came with us to the fabric store - it's summer, I'm bored, I need a project, but I'm scared to try to make something from a pattern which is what I REALLY want to do. The girl happened upon a bolt of Rapunzel fleece. I told her if she was a good shopper that I'd get her a yard, but she was convinced that the bolt would be gone by the time we left - as if - so she carried the entire bolt around the store with her. No, I could not help her. No, she couldn't put it in the shopping cart. No, not even if I let her help push. Finally, 15 minutes later, she agreed to let the woman cut off the yard and only carry that around. Apparently, it became the best idea she ever had. We got home and made the blanket - the perfect accompaniment to a 95 degree plus Georgia summer. Yes, she even had to bring it in the car on the way to tennis camp and bundled herself up in it.

I'm glad she likes it. I still need to put a decorative finishing stitch on the edges, but I'll have to pry it away from her while she's sleeping.

Question: When are asparagus (yard long) beans supposed to flower? Mine have grown the trellis but have yet to sport a single flower. They've been in the ground since March - I'd think they'd have given me one flower by now, right?

The morning comes early. Sweet Rapunzel dreams.


  1. I think a bat house is the next project to tackle. :)

  2. Oh wow, that's kinda cool...LOL. Though I'm sure their droppings would not be.

    Sorry, can't help ya with the long beans. Nine are doing absolutely nothing at the moment.

  3. I love the girl - I do the same thing LOL, I pile a bunch of bolts into my cart and then go to a far corner and decide which I want, I'm afraid to leave them and someone will snag them (like I do?!)

    Those bats are crazy but where's the rest of your bat paragraph? :)

    My yard long beans start flowering as soon as they've covered my archway, but I don't plant them until late May or June since they really like it hot to grow. Post a pic of them on your next post!

  4. I think something must have happened.... The bat tale was cut off, and frankly you have me on pins and needles!

  5. Thanks for letting me know the post was wonky. I tried to publish it last night and blogger wouldn't let me log in - which is why I have trouble posting on Erin and Nartya's blogs. It's funny how it only does that on certain blogs, but Nartya's won't even let me post as anonymous. Anyway, I finished the bat post. EG, I originally had on there that we should put up a bat box and see if they'd migrate, and Thomas, you're gets messy, but I'd love to find a way to get it all scraped up and put in the garden!

  6. A bat house would be a cool project for the man & the boy! Do you know where they get in the attic? If you seal it up I bet they'd find the bat house!

  7. Holy smokes, bats in the attic. Get those things out of there. Have you even seen that show Billy the Exterminator on A&E. I got squirrels in my attic one year and those were bad enough. I hope you are able to get them out.

  8. You don't want your bat problem to get like this.

  9. I would suggest you to try the bat house. make sure the bats can't get in your attic anymore and they might explore really quick the bat house while looking for a new "home".
    Otherwise you might end up with a pretty nice size bat colony in your attic before long.
    Bats are really not bad to have around and take care of a good portion of mosquito control but I would not want them in my attic.

  10. Love the bat picture!!! And the pic of man in his get-up!!!