Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, They Didn't Lie...

Woke up to the most impressive iron grey clouds I've ever seen. We missed the entire snow fall while we slept and woke up to an impressive sight. Now we're snuggled in the warm house with warm coffee, happy kids and all is right with the world. The snow is so deep on the porch it's above the threshold!'re snorting while laughing again, but know this, our governor has issued a state of emergency for the entire state. For GA, this is an epic event and anyone who decides to drive anywhere today needs to hand in their sanity cards at the desk because they're certifiably idiots. We don't have snow plows here and salt/sand trucks are sparse at best. It's freezing rain out there now and the temps don't expect to get above freezing until noon Tuesday.
I'll take better pictures when it gets lighter out, but you can see I've got veritable proof of the cat that comes to our doorstep now to harass the dog. That catpurloined a beaded decoration from the girl's pumpkin in October. Woe befall that kitty if she ever catches it.
Took a film of measuring the snow. More pictures to come!


  1. I saw on the news! It's supposed to be lame rain by the time it gets here tonight. It is beautiful though! Wintry mix is the WORST! Us hard core northerners can take the snow but no one likes wintry mix - it's bad for power lines and makes the roads very dangerous, stay safe Ribbit!

  2. We will, Erin!

    Watching the news and all of the idiots out there abandoning their cars on the highway and the extreme jerks driving in their monster trucks etc out there with no real destination just to prove they can and then cause more accidents. There's nothing worth going out for... but I can say that since I already have my new wine cork.

  3. HA! They just interviewed the DOT spokesman on TV. The prim announcer said, "So tell us. How are the roads this morning." and the DOT man just laughed a gut busting raspy, I smoke a pack a day laugh that he couldn't easily recover from. Totally shook the resolve of the anchor. Very funny.

  4. 6" here this morning, and I absolutley hate it!!!

  5. It's really bad here, EG. We've had freezing rain/sleet all morning and the conditions are getting worse and worse. We're so not equipt to handle this.