Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogging Monotony

Anyone here go to camp? You remember those terrible camp songs that went on and on and on with no end in sight only to have your irritation and ire exacerbated by the sentence "Same song, second verse. (Fill in the blank) style and a whole lot worse!" Subsequently the tedious song continued to repeat itself in some god-forsaken accent or worse, Pig Latin. I'm feeling that way about garden blogging at the moment. This would be the third spring for The Corner Yard and honestly, the trials and tribulations are much the same year after year and I'm worried that people, assuming people actually frequent this diatribe, are getting bored seeing yet another picture of a squash bug. However, I assume I'll keep on keepin' on until I get some sort of sign like an anonymous post from God saying, "Dude. Enough is enough already," or someone accuses me of plagiarizing my own previous posts.

Keeping all that in mind - here are seed starting pictures! Tomorrow these lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and celery seeds will find themselves in the basement under my fancy pants light set up.

Ok. It's the same light set up and rather more ghetto than sanctified, but it gets the job done.

But in the spirit of monotonous blog posts - let me throw in a few anecdotes. This weekend the girl here decided to dress herself. Please note the grey, neon swirled pants, pink and white sun dress and the neighbor's Halloween shirt.
Thank goodness we were staying home that day.

On the way home from school this morning there was a dead skunk in the road. It was unmistakable. The boy said, "Thank goodness that skunk's sleeping. They're nocturnal, you know, so he'll need his rest, but I wish he had found a safer place to do it than in the road." I didn't have the heart to point out the skunk had a rather one dimensional quality to it.

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, I present to you: The Girl who came home from school today with a poem memorized. I caught her preening in front of the mirror after her bath and took the film. Speech therapy is in our future.

That's all folks!


  1. No, remember that gardeners aren't easily bored : )
    Spring is inherently interesting, as are children. She's a dear.

  2. cute! and the skunk LMAO!!! I hear you on the blogging monotony... right now I'm just playing around with the fonts on it since I have nothing earth shattering garden-wise going on haha! My seeds aren't here yet but I'm going to wing it this year and not stress so much - result will be ghetto lights and flats on the floor too, yippee it will still get done! Has all your ice melted yet?

  3. So funny that you should post about yet another year for gardening post because I was feel the same way this year. Wondering if I really had anything to offer. But here I am posting on my seeds and my beds as I did last year.... with a few new projects in the plan.

    I love the way the girl dresses. A girl after my own heart! Picture me last summer in a blue and white sun dress with a pair of jeans rolled up and a pair of silver flip flops... out in public! well in a bar... but still! :-) Next time I wear that I'll have to take a photo.

  4. Seedlings! It's always exciting to start new plants!

  5. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog!

  6. It's definitely the slowest part of the year for us gardeners, but things are about to change, thankfully. I thought the skunk story was cute.

  7. Please don't stop blogging! I know it gets boring, or you get busy - I'm a BAD blogger. But you have such a great sense of humor and convey it so well through your writing.
    My son is colorblind, so when he picks out his clothes it can be interesting. Thankfully his school uniform colors all go together so it doesn't matter what combination he chooses LOL.

  8. I am inspired with the growth of seeds each year no matter how many times I have seen it happen before. Nope! One more year is not boring. Love reading about it since my growing season is months away.

  9. I know how you feel! Maybe it's the winter but I feel like I have nothing to blog about these days. Hopefully that will change as the weather warms up.

  10. Such a sweet video! Pretty seedlings- jealous!