Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish Me Luck!

Today I started my first tomato seeds ever. I have no idea how they'll do or if they'll even sprout, but it's something I've been looking forward to since last year. Today I started:

Cherokee Purple - from Dan
Black Cherry -from Dan
Beefmaster Hybrid

I started five of each even though I'd only need two. I'm sure some won't sprout. I put them up on the refrigerator to germinate, but then they'll have to go under the light in the basement, which can get rather cold. Hopefully they'll still fare well, if not just grow slowly.

I also started some Bok Choy from Thomas and those German Blue radish seeds from Stefaneener. I direct sowed those, so we'll see if they germinate or not. I'm hopeful.

The shared seeds from everyone has also made it possible for me to fulfil another one of my goals this year - branching out! Thanks, everyone.

The strawberry bushes made it through the cold snap just fine. I still need to transplant that one last one now that it seems like the ants have moved on, but I don't have soil left. I may just rogue some from one of the raised beds since it's not that large of a pot to begin with.

Send me sweet tomato sprouting vibes! I'm very excited.


  1. YAY! Spring is coming! Spring is coming! This is my first year growing tomatoes from seed too (last year's cherry tomato doesn't count since it was free, and I didn't really *want* to grow it).

  2. You'll do just fine. Congrats on your first seed starting.

  3. Good Luck! This will also be my first year growing tomatoes from seed too.

  4. I'll be starting tomato seeds next weekend. They usually work just fine, but I spend a lot of time hovering and sending out "good vibes" in their direction every year. Maybe it helps? I'll be sending some good tomato vibes your way, too!

    -Amy, NW of Atlanta

  5. I'm back here cheering you on!

  6. The best of luck to you for this new endeavor. I'm sure they'll do well for ya.

  7. Good luck with your new adventure. I love branching out too. It is always fun to try something new. Not that I always stick with it, but I'm always happy to try it.

  8. good luck! Brandywines are my house's favorite!

  9. They're really rewarding, not at all as difficult and mysterious as some would have you believe.

  10. I just germinated my tomato seeds- best ones I have ever done. I germinated them in a warm area in a little plastic greenhouse, then moved them to a window under a regular florescent light bulb in a small desk lamp (put the lamp within inches of the seedlings with foil around it to reflect more light to the plants). Anyway, they are the strongest, darkest looking seedlings I have produced in years of doing this (and I'm using 2 year old seeds). Let us know how yours turn out! (PS- did I send you tomato seeds last year??)

  11. No, A_Trox, I said last year I was too worried to try to start the tom seeds.

    I'm so excited yours are doing well. DId that broccoli ever perk up?