Friday, April 10, 2009

Jaundiced veggies?

My toms and radishes look like they have jaundice!
I could see this yellowing from the upstairs windows, it was that pronounced. I'm getting worried that the freeze we had the other night wasn't so benign as I thought it was. Here's what's going on. We went from happy radishes that you saw a few posts below to this:
Literally the change was overnight. The tomato went from happy tomato in a few posts below to this saggy, droop thing this morning:
Oddly, the limbs are incredibly stiff. They only have the appearance of being floppy. When I pulled radishes for tonight's dinner, I noticed the soil beneath was still relatively wet. We haven't had rain since Monday or Tuesday of this week. Could it be too much water? If so, we're in trouble because it's raining again today. Too chilly? For the tom, I could see it, but not the radishes. They're in the same bed, so I think what's affecting one is affecting the other. There were no pests that I could see.
Any ideas?
On a better note, here's tonight's dinner I pulled from the garden just now. That's 8oz of lettuce and spinach and three radishes (I didn't check their weight). Not too shabby if you ask me.


  1. ribbit - Your picture of the tom looks like too much water, and I certainly know about that! Congratulations on the harvest!

  2. Look into mite damage- I think that is what mine have.