Sunday, August 2, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

After a month and a half with no rain at all, it's rained here each afternoon since July 23. It's more than welcomed.

The garden needs it, but the plants themselves are looking like they'd rather have a break for a few days. There's some funk spreading through the bush beans now that all of their leaves are wet and the pole beans seem to be yellowing. The yellow pear tomato plant is putting out some of the largest tomatoes (for its variety) I've ever seen, but they're all cracking. I don't know if it's because of the rain or not, but it wouldn't mind a day or two of sun. All of the tomatoes are getting so much water they're trying to root themselves along the exposed stems. The boy thinks the bugs have deposited aliens who are trying to bust themselves out.

The broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage seedlings I set out surprisingly don't seem to mind the soaking. Most of them have sprouted, but I'll replant those that did not next week just to give them a chance.

They're on the deck now in partial shade. The location gets about as much sun as the garden does, so I'm hopeful that they won't need much hardening off. They should do well just getting plopped right in the garden.

I am going back and forth with the idea of staggering the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage like I did this spring. Although I never got any cauliflower or cabbage, both scummed to root maggots, the broccoli did very well checker boarded in the squares and not planted one per square. Last year, I had one per square and they didn't do very well, but I think that was because of a lack of sunlight and the shallower beds. this year, there's about an hour more sun and the beds are 12 inches deep instead of 8.

What do you think? One per square or staggered?

Hmmmm....maybe I could do a little of both and see what the results are. That would help me plan for the spring.

Posting this in the morning instead of at night. Last night we went to a very small, intimate, Russian wedding. It was held at a friend's house and the man's side business was running the sound for the couple. Upon arrival, the boy was commissioned carry the pillow with the rings which made his week. I, on the other hand, ran to borrow some make-up to cover the claw marks on his face, courtesy of his sister.

First, the boy is amazed by weddings. He always wants to know who he's going to marry, why he hasn't met her yet, and when he's going to get married. He wants to marry his sister, but she keeps saying no, and we tell him there are laws that suggest against it. He got to sit down with both bride and groom and ask them when they met and how they knew they would marry each other. Then, he got to stand up there with the couple and see the ceremony up close. Nothing could get the grin off of his face.

Then, he was one of two unmarried 'men.' The other man caught the garter, but gave it to the boy. He was so proud of it, but I was hoping he'd have a few more years under him before I had to explain what a garter belt was. We left him there to spend the night with his friend, and when I last checked in on him, he had that garter clutched to his chest.

Hope you had sweet gardening dreams....or garter belt dreams. Your choice. :)


  1. I just love reading about the boy. Please tell him he begins Granny's days with a smile.

  2. We, too, have been having several storms per day for the last week, and no end in sight! The plants need it, but I can't get out there to mow and tidy up, lol! What a great night the boy had!!

  3. What a sweet story about the boy and the garter belt! One of my girls decided she wanted to marry her older brother but he was already "promised" to the girl next door so that wasn't going to happen. Kids... they are the best entertainment in the world!


  4. Sandy, kids are cute, you're right. The boy came home today still clutching the belt. He was happy his little girlfriend caught the flowers because now he can marry her "like [he's] supposed to." She has a jack-in-the-box which is apparently all the qualification you need to be his bride.

  5. I'd stagger the broccoli and stuff, because my yield earlier in the year was less than impressive while spacing them 1 ft apart. My verification word is "prongo". Weird...

  6. *sigh,* EG, I know you're right. I'm just garden greedy.

    At least I did my sketch in pencil. :)